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The number of gamblers continues to grow. However, there’s a problem. If the registration in an online casino isn’t complicated, it’s not so easy to choose the perfect game, the one that offers the most chances of winning. That’s why most players, or more precisely novices, choose slot machines.

How to Play Casino Games?

It is not necessary to go through the rules of the different games, because each of them requires at least one paragraph. This article will discuss the universal approach to playing effectively and winning.

1: The player will have to study the rules. As surprising as it may be, many novices neglect this step. At most, they read the broad outlines and hasten to test the game. In reality, the more one knows about the game, the more one increases the chances of victory because it is possible to establish an effective strategy.

2: The player should try free games beforehand. Many casinos offer the possibility to play for free. The player should take advantage of it as much as possible and gain experience without risk.

3: Read the advice provided by other players. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about classic games or slot machines. It’s impossible to know everything, especially at the beginning. The good player is the one who takes advantage of others’ experience to improve his technique.

4: Never bet more than can be afforded. A casino, whether classic or virtual, is not a charity. Therefore, the player will sometimes be led to losing. As tempting as the eventual winnings may be, the risk is not worth it.

5: There’s a golden law for any reasonable player. No matter how tempting the offers and winning opportunities may be, it is essential to learn how and when to stop the game. This advice isn’t only for those who lose several games but also for those who win. It’s not uncommon for a player to want more and end up losing all of his winnings.

Free Casino Games

For many beginners, “free casino games” is limited to “free slot games”. This isn’t the case. All online casinos, or at least 90% of them, offer their customers the opportunity to play for free. This opportunity can be provided as a welcome bonus or a loyalty bonus. Here, the player will receive his winnings.

These free games are only for training. After registering, some players are afraid to take the plunge and make bets. Thanks to the free options, they discover each game and train without stress. After a few days or several weeks, they will feel more confident and move on to the real games without fear.

Which games are offered for free? Almost all of them! Nearly all the classic casino games and the video slots. Information is generally on the help section.

Free Slots

In most cases, new games offer free options to entice players to play or help them discover the game. To find the free slots, the player should look at all the offers on the site. There are both new games in test mode and old popular games that all players dream of trying.

Every beginner must be a player of free slots. Here, it’s not only a matter of discovering a specific game but also of getting familiar with several functions common to slot machines. There are two types of free slots. The one where the player will only be able to practise and the one where he will keep his winnings.

No Deposit Slots: Keep What You Win

On some slot machines, the player isn’t obliged to make a deposit to win money. There are more of these machines than one might think. The important thing is just to find the right casino. In fact, these aren’t free slots, and where the player can have fun whenever he wants. These are classic slot machines where the casino allows its customers to enjoy several free games. If he wins, he will keep his winnings.

This bonus is almost free for the online casino because it is rare, if not literally impossible, for the player to win the jackpot. Most players lose. Another part gets small winnings, but in either case, the casino will keep the customer’s loyalty because he will always hope to win without investing.

How Do Online Slots Work?

The principle is simple. A screen on which the player will view all the elements of the game. A keyboard where the player manages the game. The machine is composed of lines and reels. The game starts when the player inserts a coin or token into the slot. He can immediately begin to programme the game (bet on all lines or just one, double the winnings or not, etc.). On online slots, he can do this automatically, in which case, all he has to do is put money in and click on automatic. The draw is random, impossible to predict the result. Each machine has these specifications that must be taken into account during the game.

What Online Slots Pay Real Money?

It would be unreasonable to name a few games because it’s been a long time since videos were “one-armed bandits”. It’s possible to win on any slot machine. However, some slot machines are far more generous than others. To maximise his chances, the player will have to take an interest in RTP. This is the payback percentage of each video slot.

There was a time when an RTP of 80 to 85% was perfect. Then it evolved considerably to 90 to 93%, a decade ago. Nowadays, unless it is an exciting game, the player can afford the luxury of ignoring all video slots with an RTP below 95%. The RTP of some slots even reaches 98%. The player must stick to the most generous slots.

What are the Most Popular Slots?

It’s hard to make an exhaustive list, as every software specialist strives to develop perfect games. Below are a few games worthy of interest: Panther’s Reign, Fruit Rainbow, Wonderland, Brazil Bomba, Wonder of Ages, Gonzo Quest, Book of Ra, Aloha Cluster Pays, Starburst, Mega Fortune, Break da Bank and many others.